Karthik Gajulapalli

I am a PhD student student at Georgetown University advised by Sasha Golovnev .

I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science, especially complexity theory and theoretical cryptography. Some specific problems I am thinking about are:

  • Worst Case and Average Case Hardness of MCSP
  • Relationship between Kolmogorov Complexity and Cryptography
  • Pseudo-deterministic Algorithms
  • Connections between Datastructure Lowerbounds, Function Inversion and some other models

Before coming to Georgetown I was an undergraduate at UC Irvine where I was advised by Vijay Vazirani. I was a visiting graduate student at Simons Institute in Fall 2019 for their program on Online and Matching-Based Market Design. Here is a flyer for a fun talk I gave as undergrad trying to recruit unsuspecting students to work on complexity theory with me.

Contact Information

328 St. Mary's Hall, Gerogetown University
email: kg816 at georgetown dot edu